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Youth Advocate & Founder of MX Zen
Erika is an accomplished Branding Expert, Marketing Agent and Founder of MX Zen, a global marketing company specializing in Extreme Sports.

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Reggie Mcfadden & Brant McFadden

What Erika Born and the MX Zen community has done for the sport of motocross is truly amazing!!! The platform

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Kimberly Raynor & Mason Raynor (aka Razor Raynor #713)

I absolutely Love that Mason and I decided to join MxZen!! He has been racing since he was 3 years

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James Rowell & Jack Rowell – Dimension Data

Anyone who has participated in the sport of motocross is familiar with the term “motocross family”. Its something that is

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Peter Maertens

Erika is a dynamic person with a magnetic personality. She easily captivates attention and follows through with a quick grasp

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Racheal Marton

Erika is well-rounded and works to exceed any goals she is challenged with meeting. Erika’s energy and positive tone have

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Michael Spinosa

Since meeting Erika she has been an amazing partner in working to find a way in which both our web

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Desiree Gower

“I really cant say enough about you Erika. I can’t thank you enough for coming into our lives at the

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“If you want to make a difference in the world
Be different from the world!”


8 Simple Rules For Parents

8 Simple Rules For Parents It may not look like it on the track, but racing is a team sport.

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The Children of Now… Evolution:

The Children of Now… Evolution: How We Can Support the Fast-Forward Evolution of Our Children and All of Humanity by

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